MiPoint is an Oracle Certified Semi-Integrated
 EMV Solution for MICROS Point-of-Sale Systems:
✓ 3700 RES4    ✓ 3700 RES5    ✓ 9700    ✓ Simphony v1    ✓ Custom Integrations!

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EMV to Your Point of Sale

Businesses today face countless threats of data theft and security breaches. Your customers will rest easy knowing that you have reduced risk and exposure with MiPoint.
1. Removes MICROS From PCI Scope
MiPoint is a semi-integrated solution that removes your MICROS 
workstation from PCI scope while still being fully integrated into 
the daily reports you need. 
2. Faster Transaction Times
The MiPoint solution delivers 6 second EMV authorization times through P2PE along with an easy-to-use architecture. 
3. Zero Risk Trial
Our free 30 day trial of MiPoint allows you to test our solution in 
a real world environment without a contract or up-front costs. 

4. Customer Experience
With our foundation in the hospitality industry, we understand the 
need to keep the customer experience a great one. Our solution 
has been built around this ideology and the results  show it. 
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How Does MiPoint Solve Common Security & EMV Issues?
Are you looking for an EMV solution for your MICROS workstation?

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